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Students - watch the video and answer the questions on the student homework task sheet before your next lesson.

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Student questions:

(As presented in the student homework task sheet)

  1. Complete the table listing the main characteristics of each type of arthropod.


    Arthropod Body Segments Number of Legs Antennae Wings
    Insects Three: head, thorax, abdomen
    Arachnids None
    Many Many: one pair per segment
  2. The sentences below contain six mistakes. Highlight/circle each mistake and make corrections.


    Arthropods are all types of vertebrates, meaning they have no backbone. They are physically supported by an internal skeleton. There are five different groups of arthropods, and spiders belong to one of these groups known as insects. Some people describe shrimps and crabs as “insects of the ocean”, but they are not actually insects, they are arachnids. Another group is the myriapods which includes centipedes and millipedes, and the last group is bugs, which includes wasps, flies etc.

  3. State three features that all arthropods share.

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