Blood Glucose and Diabetes

This is a flipped learning lesson.

Students - watch the video and answer the questions on the student homework task sheet before your next lesson.

(Teachers - scroll down to view the full lesson plan for this topic.)

Student homework questions:

(As presented in the student homework task sheet)

  1. a) Which hormone is released when blood glucose levels rise?
     b) i) Which organ responds to insulin?
         ii) What does this organ do with the excess glucose?
  2. a) Which hormone is released when blood glucose levels fall. 
    b) What effect does this hormone have?
  3. What is diabetes?
  4. Complete the table below to compare type I and type II diabetes:
    Type I Diabetes Type II Diabetes
  5. a) What is hypoglycemia? 
    b) List four symptoms of hypoglycemia.
  6. a) What is hyperglycaemia? 
    b) List four symptoms of hyperglycaemia.
  7. Outline 2 ways a diabetic person may test their blood glucose levels.

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