Characteristics of Living Things

This is a flipped learning lesson.

Students - watch the video and answer the questions on the student task sheet before your next lesson.

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  1. What name is often used as a mnemonic to help remember the characteristics of living things?
  2. The following are all characteristics of some living organisms. Circle/highlight the ones that are characteristics of all living organisms.See           Need nutrition           Excrete           Walk          Eat           Grow           Vomit           Scratch           Breathe           Swim           Reproduce           Smell           Feel           Respire           Talk           Move           Sense
  3. Define each of the seven characteristics of living organisms.
  4. Complete the table below listing which life processes are being described in each case. There may be one or more than one life process in each box.


    Action/Event/Behaviour Life process(es)
    A dog smelling another dog nearby
    A plant’s roots growing towards gravity
    A bacteria cell dividing
    A human skin cell dividing