This is a flipped learning lesson.

Students - watch the video and answer the questions on the student homework task sheet before your next lesson.

(Teachers - scroll down to view the full lesson plan for this topic.)

Student homework questions:

(As presented in the student homework task sheet)

  1. What is an enzyme?
  2. Name the site of the enzyme that a substrate fits into.
  3. Explain why the shape of an enzyme is important.
  4. What name is given to the structure when an enzyme and a substrate are joined together?
  5. a) Explain, in terms of collisions, why enzyme-catalysed reactions will be slower at a lower temperature. b) Explain why enzyme-catalysed reaction rates will decrease when the temperature becomes too high.
  6. Complete the graph below to show what effect an increase in substrate concentration would have on the rate of an enzyme catalyzed reaction.

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