CPD : Flipped Learning (EdVlog 004)

  • The presentation I used: here (as a PDF)
  • The webpage I directed teachers to as part of the introduction: here
  • Direct link to the flipped learning video: here

This week my school had a twilight CPD afternoon with all sessions run by teachers. There was a timetable with four 20 minute time-slots, and a range of CPD sessions to choose from; teachers chose any four sessions that looked appealing and signed up (we have a huge school with hundreds of teachers so there was plenty to choose from).

I ran two repeat sessions on flipped learning. I get the feeling most of the staff here have heard of or tried flipped learning and know the basics, and I know that some of them use it regularly, so my session wasn’t so much an introduction to FL as much as an introduction to my take on it, how I approach it, and why.

I didn’t want to lecture to everyone for 20 minutes straight so I started the session like a flipped learning lesson: I gave out a QR code which linked to a webpage on my site, and on the site was a video about flipped learning and a Google Forms quiz with questions relating to the video. The staff in the session scanned the code and watched on their smartphone, then answered the questions.

It nicely demonstrated how you can get a lot of information across quickly (the video was around 3m30s long), so students are ready to engage in the content with higher order thinking when the lesson starts.

From there I gave some ideas for resources as well as my perspectives on flipped learning.

If you want to use it yourself go ahead, and note that I’ve converted the Google Forms quiz to a PDF version (because otherwise any responses anyone makes will come in to my gmail account).

If you want to do a full one hour CPD session on flipped learning you can also use my free full session here.

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