What is Flipped Learning?

Flipped learning changes the role of the teacher from an instruction giver, to a true facilitator of learning.

What is flipped learning?

Flipped learning is when students are assigned the learning to do as homework, before their classroom lesson, through videos, readings or other independent learning activities. When students come to class, they already have the foundation knowledge, and class time can be used to fully engage in the content.

Once in the classroom, students can start exploring the content in more depth than if they were encountering the content for the first time. With flipped learning, the classroom becomes a zone of higher order thinking.

According to Bloom's taxonomy, "remembering" is first and most basic level of thinking. When a student arrives at class having already reached this level, the door is opened for students to engage in higher order thinking.

Welcome to the new generation of teaching.

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Science Sauce Online provides flipped learning resources for science lessons so you can be part of the teaching revolution, without giving up hours of precious prep time to making videos and creating flipped resources. All lessons are provided free, without any sign up or registration needed (Some additional premium resources are available, but you don't need to buy anything to complete a full flipped learning lesson). Just download the free lesson teacher lesson plan and the student homework task sheet and let the learning begin. All instructions and weblinks for students are included with very easy to follow instructions.

Flipped Learning Professional Development?

If you're interested in introducing flipped learning to staff at your school, have a look at the professional development resources here on Science Sauce. You're welcome to use these for free.

Flipped learning professional development resources.