Funnel Diagrams

Funnel Diagrams


Funnel diagrams are basically just worksheets, but with a specific structure. While traditional worksheets are “top down”, and tend to lock students into focusing on them start to finish, funnel diagrams put the work into chunks, so the teacher can do a learning activity, then draw the students’ attention to a small section of the worksheet, then move on to the next learning activity (away from the worksheet), then back to the worksheet etc. This helps with the pace of the lesson.

Why “funnel”?

Burning-Fuels-FunnelFunnel diagrams have a central question which is intended to be completed after all other tasks on the sheet. This question acts as a consolidation/recap task where students are expected to funnel information from the surrounding sections into the central question. This central task can make a good assessment opportunity. I like to have my students peer assess this task using ACE assessment (external link).

You can download my template or some of my ready made funnel diagrams on my KS3 Resources page.

Here is the direct link to the MS Word template, and here is the direct link to the PDF template.

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