Internal Assessment

This IB ESS IA marksheet covers all of the criteria for the individual investigation for internal assessment ("The IA").

It is designed for teachers to use when marking assignments, but students will find it helpful as a quick reference resource.

Download the mark sheet (.xls)

Command Terms Help

This very simple task will guide students through using some commonly mis-used command terms on the course.

The .zip contains a handout listing the terms, and a task sheet which helps practice using some of the common terms.

Command Terms ESS (.zip 2.7MB)


Topic 2 - Ecosystems and Ecology

2.1 Species and Populations

2.2 Communities and Ecosystems

2.3 Flows of Energy and Matter

2.4 Biomes, Zonation and Succession

2.5 Investigating Ecosystems

Topic 4 - Water and Aquatic Food Production Systems and Societies

4.1 Introduction to Water Systems

4.2 Access to Fresh Water

4.3 Aquatic Food Production Systems

4.4 Water Pollution

Topic 5 - Soil Systems and Terrestrial Food Production Systems and Societies

5.1 Introduction to Soil Systems

5.2 Terrestrial Food Production Systems

5.3 Soil Degradatoin and Conservation

Topic 6 - Atmospheric Systems and Societies

6.1 Introduction to the Atmosphere

6.2 Stratospheric Ozone

6.3 Photochemical Smog

6.4 Acid Deposition

Topic 7 - Climate Change and Energy Production

7.1 Energy Choices and Security

7.2 Climate Change - Causes and Impacts

7.3 Climate Change - Mitigation and Adaptation

Topic 8 - Human Systems and Resource Use

8.1 Human Population Dynamics

8.2 Resource Use in Society

8.3 Solid Domestic Waste

8.4 Human Population Carrying Capacity