KS3 Resources

Science teaching materials aimed at KS3 (age 11-14) students. I add materials here as and when I make them.

Funnel Diagrams

Funnel diagrams are arranged in a way that students complete the tasks outside of the central circle first, while the teacher is covering the content. After that, the students must answer the central question independently. This works as a great review or consolidation of the lesson content.

Download the MS Word version to type your own questions. Alternatively, use the PDF version which has nicer fonts, but you'll have to write (not type) your questions then photocopy it.


MS Word template (.docx) / PDF template

This Teach Sauce vlog post outlines the whole concept. You can also check out the KS3 chemical reactions unit to see some ready-made funnel diagrams.

KS3 Chemistry

Chemical Reactions Unit

A collection of funnel diagrams (one per lesson) on:

  • Chemical reactions
  • Word equations
  • Burning fuels
  • Thermal decomposition

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KS3 Physics


This "What if..." worksheet is a great chapter review for the unit on forces. I got the idea from @iteachboys92 on Twitter.

Students write a newspaper article based on the hypothetical situation, and have to use as many keywords as possible. This is a good differentiated task as it's accessible to all students; there are basic words as well as some more difficult ones that will stretch the upper ability students.

Click here to download the Forces "What if..." review task (.PDF)

KS3 Biology

No KS3 Biology resources published yet. I publish things as I make them throughout the school year so more will be added over time.


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