Edexcel GCSE Biology

Tips and materials for Edexcel International GCSE 9-1 Biology.

NOTE: Over the current (2019-2020) academic year I'll continue to add help sheets and resources to this page. I tend to share links on Twitter when I upload new content so follow me there if you want to stay updated.

(Other general KS4 Biology resources can be found here)

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Planning an Investigation

How to answer a "plan an investigation..." exam question using CORMS.

The download includes a summary sheet outlining the CORMS marking criteria as well as a template for planning an investigation as a class/homework activity.

GCSE how to plan investigation

Download the resource


Drawing a Line Graph

Help sheet on how to get full marks on a "draw a line graph..." exam question using SAPLUK.

GCSE how to draw a graph

Download the help sheet