Cells and Genetics

KS5 (age 16-18) Biology teaching resources on cells and genetics.

ACTIVITY and WORKSHEET: Population Bottlenecks

Cut-ups represent individuals, and the shapes on the cut-ups represent the specific alleles present. The activity involves simulating a population bottle neck followed by results analysis.

Population bottleneck activity

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WORKSHEET: Stages of Meiosis

A template sheet to draw chromosomes and outline the details of each stage of meiosis.

Meiosis template summary

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WORKSHEET: What is Epigenetics?

Useful as either a research or retrieval activity.

What is epigenetics

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WORKSHEET: Hardy-Weinberg Assumptions

A spider diagram that tasks students to outline the factors that would prevent Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium from being maintained.

Hardy-Weinberg assumptions

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  • No genetic drift
  • No immigration/emigration
  • No mutations
  • Random mating
  • No selection pressure