Ecosystems, Ecology and Biodiversity

KS5 (age 16-18) Biology resources on ecosystems, ecology and biodiversity.

WORKSHEET: Introduction to Ecosystems - Biomes

How biomes are determined by abiotic conditions with practice using the Whittaker climograph, and task to familiarise students with the locations of some biomes.

Introduction to ecosystems – biomes

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WORKSHEET: Ecosystem Interactions Notes Sheet

A simple note-taking sheet requiring students to do research on key interactions within an ecosystem.

Ecosystem interactions note sheet

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WORKSHEET: Predator-Prey Relationships

Analysis of real-world data on predator and prey population changes over time.

Predator Prey Population Dynamics

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WORKSHEET: Conserving Biodiversity (IUCN and CITES)

A tasks that familiarises students with the IUCN red list categories, CITES, and consider causes for biodiversity loss and arguments to protect biodiversity.

Conserving biodiversity (IUCN and CITES)

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PROJECT/WORKSHEET: Conservation of Biodiversity

The task begins with a series of linked questions that encourage detailed consideration (and research) of biodiversity conservation practices, with a focus on ex situ vs in situ strategies. Students are then tasked to create a strategy for biodiversity conservation in a specific country and present their ideas. Marking criteria is included on the second sheet.

It is recommended that the first sheet is printed in A3.

Conservation of biodiversity project

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WORKSHEET: Measuring biodiversity

Practice using Simpson's diversity index (species diversity) and heterozygosity (genetic diversity).

Measuring Biodiversity

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WORKSHEET: Biodiversity and Endemism

A very simple note-taking sheet to guide student research on biodiversity and endemism. This is a funnel diagram.

Biodiversity and Endemism

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WORKSHEET: The Biological Impacts of Climate Change

Research tasks on the impacts of climate change to biological systems.

Biological impacts of climate change

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WORKSHEET: Evidence of Global Climate Change Notes Sheet

Evidence of climate change

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ACTIVITY: Quadrats and Belt Transects

Designed as in-class practice to teach students how to use a quadrat to sample in a field and through a belt transect. The resources include a cut-out quadrat, a field, and series of pages intended to be stuck end-to-end to represent the transect. The transect has two species of flower on it and the results can be used for stats practice (I do a chi square analysis with my students).


Field for quadrat practice

Belt transect printout

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Download the field sheet

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WORKSHEET: Primary and Secondary Succession

Primary and Secondary Succession

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