KS5 (age 16-18) Biology resources on plants.


An interactive Google Slides presentation covering the full chapter on photosynthesis at A Level standard.

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WORKSHEET: Plant cell structures

Useful as a review task or a research based lesson worksheet. Students complete each of the surrounding sections and finish by completing the functions of each structure/organelle.

Plant structures note sheet

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WORKSHEET: Cell Wall Keywords

An introduction to cell walls focusing on all essential vocabulary

Cell walls keywords

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WORKSHEET: Drawing Plants Stems and Roots

This worksheet include light micrographs of root and stem cross sections and requires students to create labelled drawings.

Drawing Plant stem and roots

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WORKSHEET: Using Plant Starch and Fibres

Worksheet focusing on the uses of starch and natural fibres.

Using plant starch and fibres

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WORKSHEET: Plant Stems Making Connections

think-outside-the-box task that challenges students to outline connections between keywords relating to plant stems.

This could be a great retrieval task for revision, or a research-based learning task.

Plants stems making connections keywords

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