Common Copyright/Usage Questions

Is everything free?

Yes. At present everything available from Science Sauce is 100% free.

Can I photocopy and use your worksheets with my class?

Yes. Anything you can download on this website is freely available for educational use. However, you must give credit where appropriate. If you use my printable sheets, the Science Sauce branding must stay on the sheet.

Obviously, you can’t modify, redistribute (see below), sell, or claim to own any of my stuff.

Can I redistribute/share your worksheets on my site?

It depends:

If you have a content sharing system with your class (e.g. Google Classroom, Moodle etc.) then feel free to share my sheets on there as homework assignments for your class.

However, if you have a site for openly sharing materials for teachers (or otherwise) and want to host the content yourself, then no, permission is not given. You are, of course, more than welcome to share links back to my site. I’d even be grateful!

Can I use your videos for a course I manage/am creating?

Yes, as long as you share my videos via the Youtube link, via my channel. I do NOT give permission for my videos to be downloaded and shared directly via other platforms without permission (i.e. you can’t host the content on your own servers). If you have a reason to do this, please email me.

If you do link to one of my Youtube videos for your course, please consider letting me know (just because it’s always interesting to know who’s using the material and how).

Can I get in touch with you?

Yes. You can contact me at